Wedding bells in 2 years

They say, getting engaged in age of 24 and getting married in the age of 26, is the perfect time. 

I’m not so sure about that. After 5 years of being together, along the way we didn’t realized of taking the step ahead, We were busy planning for monthsaries, date plans and many more. Nothing involves building lives together. 

Until a period of time, when we were separated for a particular reason, and we soon realized how much we couldn’t live without each other. All he could think about, is getting married so that we could spend the rest of his life with me. 

So there it was, our engagement went well. But 2 days before the day itself, his mom met with a minor accident at home that made her not able to turn up for the engagement and was not the one who out the ring onto my finger. 

It saddened me a little with the unfortunate incident, and I can’t deny, it disappoint a bit. But I was glad his mom received tons of compliments about my event and she was happy about it. 

I thanked the Mak Andam for her magical touch that made me a princess for the day. I was satisfied with her work, that I kinda refuse to remove my makeup even later that night. I looked extremely flawless for hours! 

10616693_366215356860691_6158452137086805382_n 10645249_366214240194136_2195248150223130254_n10635948_365447170270843_5544139153011409909_n



I also thanked Martono for all the beautiful moments he captured, he was really good and great positive attitude that’s in him which I envied. He was patient enough and was not all all awkward being around total strangers , he did his job well. 

Even the 8 trays which I rented didn’t go to waste, I had 20 trays/baskets in total. Everyone got involve and participated in decorating them. Thank you to all my family members. Every single one of u. 

So here are some of the pictures I stole from Martono, will get them printed soon.

12511_366276036854623_5495944186786393701_n 936672_366214296860797_3654314023387568172_n 1907816_366215206860706_8536443444319412338_n 10288750_366275930187967_3794115654130455203_n 10382818_366277006854526_6745726335480901447_n 10428482_366274546854772_3674030074244144348_n 10457941_366214483527445_104666770883756344_n 10520853_366274083521485_3671551772340461485_n 10533453_366275673521326_1663727974128651713_n 10599581_366274346854792_803557086190029489_n 10609684_366216340193926_4428880208208869107_n 10614203_366275480188012_6889262584291532852_n 10616012_366216310193929_6026357160617034922_n 10616289_366275183521375_1349068995755431420_n 10626683_366275153521378_2263907055427982307_n 10628558_366216150193945_338553648173737455_n 10649539_366277120187848_430184313143067537_n

I still can’t get over the fact that I’m engaged. Well, reality is kicking in and I have yet to regard him as “Fiance”, Maybe it has been forever he is my “loving boyfriend”.Have to get used to calling him the new “name”. 

As for now, I feel a lot closer with my parents and his family. Maybe the awkwardness has faded away and I’m beginning to feel the happiness which I have never felt before. 

There’s no time to waste , I am not gonna force myself to starve, but as my dad’s advise, all savings need to be maximize, no more playing or shopping recklessly. No more unnecessary stuffs to buy and juts get whatever I desire. Self control, self control. LOL



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