Sick Girl

i dont really get sick all the time: i believe my immune system is strong enough to be a shield for all sorts of contagious sickness from everyone. But here i am lying down on my bed feeling helpess and not able to walk around or be at work. Even my tummy is kinda unwell since last night. Maybe it was the Indian fried kway teow I had at Ayer Rajah with Amy. It was a short meetup, as both of us were all beat from the week, and i was already feeling kinda heaty, we decided to head back home right after dinner.
In my opinion, most yummy indian food. Like Al-Azhar, all the dishes are appetizing enough, you would even loved the seafood they had, but if you realised, soon after you’re done with the meal, you’ll feel kinda funny down your throat. The meals made you thirsty. This is because they added too much alternatives/MSG on their food to make the flavor rise.
These kinda dishes are not recommandable to have it all the time. And that’s why it’s always best to have your mom’s home-cooked food! 😊

For seafood, i loooove the one in Newton. The service was tip top! The food was the best! The owner of the stall could recognize us from far, and would wave to us when he saw us. After our meal, he would came over and bring us toothpicks and tear out a wet towel for each of us. So lucky to be in a hawker centre and treated like a VIP.

Okay thats it. I am already sick and thinking about food, again! Im gonna rest now. Till I write again , guys!



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