Finally Its Thursday

Its Thursday and I’m all ready for all the pending jobs that I left hanging since Monday.

I’m not sure how to say this, but frankly, I’m hating the place where I am now. To be short and simple, I hate my job. I am really not sure if it’s the job I’m doing (since I can’t really figure out what’s my passion), or the people, or is it because I was shifted to a new office where I’m all alone, and peaceful. It’s gotta be the job! 

I am working in an office, an office where is located in a warehouse. I could hear the forklifts passing by left and right, and this office of mine is located right behind the washroom, so in silence I could hear the buzzing sound of the water pipes from the flush and super driving me crazy! 

Doing your work all alone in an office is seriously not fun, and not being able to enjoy any view from here. All I could see from the see-through glass panel is the warehouse, the products staking in the aisle. 

Where can I look for the motivations? This is really the place I wanna be?

I just came back from 2 days mc by the way. It was a good 2 days at home with my parents, my parrot and the cat. 

I had a great 2 days of rest, with my mom taking good care of me and dad being sarcastic for wanting to celebrate my 2 days of mc achievement. I love my family. 

As the sayings I pasted on the calender right in front of me, “I’ve worked too hard to quit now”,  Yes somehow it’s true, Next month will be my 3rd year anniversary here, and I’m not sure if it’s really worth it to be here. 

I used to have the greatest companion. She was my manager, and now, she’s a stay home granny. Taking care of her pregnant daughter who’s gonna pop anytime soon. 

I am happy for her retirement, and I am so damn sure I miss her so much. She’s a professional and knows when to be serious in her work, and when is the time to relax. Man I love her. 

Now when she’s no longer here to see me everyday, I’ve become so unmotivated, and as usual with my short term memory storage, no one is here to remind me on doing anything. 

I’ve gotta change, to really impress my new boss to put me up on the course I’ve had in mind, I need the cert to go somewhere further than this. But yet again, I am really not sure if that is what I really want. 

When can I ever enjoy doing things that I love? Doing things happily with passion included in? 



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