Its All About The $$$

Having to save the maximum you have every month is not that easy as I thought. Having deaf ears and not listening to what my dad always asked, to save and save and save. 

I refused to listen to any of his advise especially when it comes to saving money. At a young age, what else do you expect? When you are not obligated to any responsibilities, at all! 

Every month when you get your paycheck, you would have already plan tons of things to get, way before the pay even comes in, I wrote the whole list, every single month. 

By the second week of the month, I’m left with nothing but enough for my meals at work and transportation fares. 

Finally I’m here, at a place where I’m tight up with my job, and I need this job because I need this pay. I need to be here for at least another 2 years! 

No more shopping , no more additional stuffs. 

But every time I write, or type on the keyboard, I will see a shiny bling on my finger. The engagement ring. 

And I’m saving up for something which is really worth. Something I have been dreaming for years. 

I’m hoping nothing but the best, baby. I’m running after the time, the only time where we will be officially a wedded husband and wife. 



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