Sick and tired of everyday

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Have you ever been in a place where you’re feeling so sick and tired of sitting on the same chair, well aware you will be so sick and tired of the job, knowing no one will be in the office with you, not having anything to look forward to for the day?

Yes, that’s what I’m feeling. Despite the fully scheduled week, with meetings, audits and visitors coming to see me, knowing there will always be lots and lots email coming in every single day, you just got so sick and tired of it, and you’d prefer to just be at home with you family. 

I know this doesn’t make sense, but I’m so uncomfortable being in my own body right now. 

I don’t feel well, I fell fat, I feel down, I feel there’s a huge heavy rock is sitting right on top of my head right now.

I don’t feel like seeing anyone anymore, or do anything, At all. 

I love Tuesdays only. And it’s only because I will only be spending 9 hours at work before seeing the love of my life picking me up from work. 

Only Tuesday. He’s not at all available during weekends. So that’s it. 

I love at how well he’s doing at this current place he’s working. But the management there are just too stingy on giving staffs off days to spend with loved ones. 

No weekends off at all, or even Friday. Here I am an office hour people not having to spend my weekends with him. 

How I’d wish time could stop for awhile and stay on weekends for me and him alone. Sigh



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