Dinner @ Indochili

Indochili is an authentic Indonesian cuisines located at 54 Zion Rd, just opposite Great World City. You can just cross the road from the Great World City itself. 

It was a nice dinner with Amy’s family and I felt so blessed everyone was there to have dinner together. Hazwan brought his new girlfriend , Amirah. I liked her a lot 🙂 May you stay in this family long enough to be part of us. 

Overall rating, Amy gave 8/10. He said the food was good but the seats were a bit uncomfortable. I didn’t think so as I got the nicer seats with cushion. 

It was Amy’s mom belated birthday dinner, her birthday was end of last month, just a week away from mine 😉

The location was a bit way off as I doubt a lot of people are aware.

The air-con was not so strong especially for the small restaurant like that. 

As for the menu, the Tahu Telor was nice enough, but I definitely loved the ones from Desa Kartika. The sambal kangkong was superb!!! The taste of shrimp paste was there an definitely something authentic. I also loved the combo plate thingy consist of BBQ prawns, squids, bawal and chicken. 

Amy’s mom ordered the durian juice for me and Avocado juice for Amy. The drinks did not taste like ordinary drinks at all. It was more to desserts as it was creamy as hell! 

A place I’d bring my family , and of coz with Amy 🙂 

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