Birthday Surprises

Little did I realized, that there are so many September and October babies.

For September, there’s my close aunt, close cousin, close friend and of course, my sister 🙂

For October, there’s my baby love of course, my baby sister aka my cousin, my best-friend and a full month present for my manager’s newborn granddaughter.

But it’s alright for me, I will be planning a lot of things and of course, within my budget.

Finally I’m feeling like a young Santa, giving away presents and happiness.

Being busy has always been my choice, with Amy’s busy work schedule and a permanent afternoon shift everyday, our time together are so called well managed, as we only have the definite time of 4-5 hours a week.

Amy is not allowed to take off on weekends, so yeah, my weekends are for families and dear friends. But sometimes I would rather spend my Saturday on the couch watching movie marathons on sweatpants, and iron all my work outfits on Sunday.

2 birthdays surprises coming next week, and lots and lots of shopping for presents !


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