Good afternoon readers, today’s 23rd September 2014.

It has been a month I’m engaged to Amy, my beloved loved of my life. Things were different now, as we are both well aware of our new status, he has never made me happier and my life is much more beautiful with him by my side earlier.

I have been thinking about my future lately. About what I would wanna do when I’m older? If i’m still gonna keep going and persevere in this boring job of mine. Where I don’t enjoy doing even a single bit.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I would feel like giving up sometimes but as I do my work and typing on the keyboard every time, there I see my engagement ring, and I’m here earning a decent living for a reason.

I am here, saving up for my future, and currently in a stable job, wanting a normal wedding with nothing’s missing along the way.

I would need my makeup and outfit , I need my caterer and event planner, I need the right amount of savings to get everything complete in 2 years time. And to be having only yourself to save up for everything, 2 years doesn’t seem so long.

It would be nice to plan my life perfectly, I know we are in no place to plan for our own lives, as God is always here with us, doing his job too. But it’s always nice to fantasize about our dreams.

I have been looking for my passion. What am I actually good at and love to do?

I have tried drawing hands using henna, every occasions, especially Hari Raya and weddings, I would voluntarily drew on girls and they loved it!

I talked to a friend recently, she did mentioned about me taking care of my kids if I have any in the future, I would loved to, but have never thought about that as I know, Amy would want me to work after the wedding.

We both need to contribute to CPF for our new home.

By the time the house is ready in 2018-2019, will Amy be able to contribute for the house alone?

I mean, if I were to be a working wife and taking care of Amy’s needs at the same time, it would be tiring I’m sure. Wouldn’t it be nice to keep a routine like waking up a little late than usual and go for morning job, make breakfast for dear husband, do some online business or work from home and cook dinner for husband.

OMG this is the most impossible dream I had, I don’t even think I could laze around on my bed and do nothing! I will be lazier each day!! LOL

Okay let’s forget that and work all the way Haha

OR maybe I should do some online business like example, selling cupcakes. Maybe from there I am able to see if that is really my passion and if my business will be able to do well.

Baking requires lots of inspiration and patience.

Without these two, you will only be making a simple dough out of it. Therefore, I am gonna start baking cupcakes this Saturday and see how it goes πŸ™‚


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