Butterscotch Cafe


Yesterday me and Amy tried out Butterscotch Cafe, located at 164 Bukit Timah Central.

I’ve read reviews that this place provides good desserts and burgers, so we decided to give it a try.

We had only desserts and drinks, thought about heading to other place for dinner after that.

We order Chocolate Estacy And Butterscotch Souffle.



As for drinks, we had Nutella Latte And Root Beer Float.


The Chocolate Estacy was good, it was served while it’s hot, however the Souffle was served abit later due to the waiting time.

To be frank, it was not our type of desserts. I don’t know what’s about that but we got bored of the taste after we had it for a while.

Even my float got tasteless after a while. The root beer was tasteless and Amy was not quite happy with the Nutella Latte as no taste of Nutella at all. It was a plain latte with sprinkles of shredded nutella on top of the foam.

The environment was relaxing and the customer service was excellent. They greeted us as soon as we stepped in the shop and thanked us when we were done eating .

A perfect place to chill with family and friends, but sorry. It’s just not a place for us .






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