Birthday Celebration @ M Hotel

We were suppose to celebrate Noura’s belated birthday as hers was on 18th September, since the gathering falls on 25th September, we decided to celebrate sissy’s birthday as well (26 September 2014)

By the time me and Amy reached M Hotel, sissy was still at work, so she couldn’t join us on time. We ordered a surprise birthday brownie for Noura and sang her a surprise birthday song by the door! We got her the VS body mist pouch. Amy was the one who chose the color and the smell, I didn’t object at all as it suites her a lot, especially the purple pouch, the color was so sexy, just like her personality 🙂


Video can be found in my facebook page :


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I was glad she loved the surprise we made, and oh wow I was excited seeing all the food on the tables!

There were mini fruit tartlets from Delifrance, cuppies from twelve cupcakes, rite pizza, and many many other snacks.

The mini tartlets were something new, which I have never tried before. They will only allow advance ordering as it won’t be ready made for you to purchase from the counter.

Various flavors given, eg Tuna, Chicken, salmon, lobster, kiwi, egg mayo and so much more! Obviously my favorite would be the salmon and lobster! Duh!

Delifrance also serves tasty butter Madeleines and I’m telling you, it’s a MUST-TASTE too! The buttery taste which simply melts in your mouth and you won’t get sick of the buttery taste!



As for the twelve cupcakes, I’m  sure they are very popular and I don’t really need to summarize much, so well known and of course, those babies are quite pricey, but worth every penny!


Rite pizza is a new pizza which I tried, the pizza base has a juicy unique taste. He had Hawaiian and Ocean Spring. You wanna taste it as it’s best? Choose the thin crust. I don’t really fancy eating thick normal crust pizza as it would be really filling and at the end of piece 1, I won’t grab another piece for sure!


Nearing to midnight, sissy finally made it, she was surprise with us all standing in front of the door as soon as she walked in. Especially when her boyfriend held the cake right on the front.

She was glad and excited with the surprises , cakes and presents, I’m so glad I get to see all of us gather like family and loved each other’s company.

~Enjoy the pictures below and links can be found right at the end of this post~


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Video of sissy’s surprise :

  • Catering Hotline (9am – 10:30pm daily):
    6324 4333

6337 7680

6899 3838


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