The dinner @ Ikea Restaurant

Last Wednesday , after a terrible dinner at Butterscotch, me and Amy decided to surprise my sister at IKEA Alexandra , she’s one of the staff there. 

Since sisssy was allowed to go for an hour break, she brought us to the IKEA restaurant, said she would like to have Calamari. 

It was already 8.30pm when we came. so the calamari was all sold out. We had some prawns, salmon chowder and cakes instead. 

It was an affordable dinner surprisingly! 


Well this is the leftovers, I totally forgot to snap a picture of this as the baby prawns looked so tempting. 

9 Basically this was how it looked like before I finished them all up! 

Beware, those prawns were ALL SOOO SWEET! Also, there are eggs in all of them, so I guess there were all females prawns, so maybe that’s why they were all sweet. In the middle of the bowl, there were few pieces of salad lettuce, they were so crunchy!

 11 We had too much butterscotch, so we didn’t even tried this out LOL

Last but not least, we had salmon chowder, no picture on the website as it was the “soup of the day”

The salmon chowder was very tasty! It was warm and those obvious salmon chunks were really juicy! Just $3!

Overall , I love the atmosphere there, and even the coffee was as cheap as $0.50!

Definitely, I am coming back for some Salmon Chowder !

317 Alexandra Rd, Singapore 159965
6786 6868


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