Ya Kun Kaya Toast @ Funan IT Mall

Last Thursday, Amy managed to ‘eat snake’ for awhile and bring me to Ya Kun Kaya Toast, it was already 8pm but we were still looking for a breakfast meal.

This special steam bun was Amy’s new favorite and he can’t stop talking about it. So I guess I should give it a try.

As I expected, it was darn gooooood !!!!!!!

It served a la carte, or in a set meal with 2 half-boiled eggs and coffee. Felt so special when the Ya Kun aunty cracked the eggs for us, unlike the rest of kopitiams, we gotta dirty out hands cracking the eggs ourselves.


As you can see, the buns were the normal usual white soft breads we had in bakeries, and we can request for kaya butter spread.

These were really soft and moist, you can choose the ones with kaya-butter or peanut butter and kaya, both are equally good!






109 N Bridge Rd
#01-16 Funan DigitaLife Mall
6336 0683



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