My evening at Masjid Darussalam


Yesterday, my parents , Amy and I, we meet up at Clementi for dinner, we were planning to visit one of my dear uncle. He was unwell. and so we decided to go over his place after we performed our Magrib prayers at a mosque nearby at Masjid Darussalam.

Even though it was a Tuesday, just like any regular Tuesdays, everyone understood me well, that this particular day will be my only day I get to spend with Amy.

Well, we were happy to sacrifice some of our time for our dear family and would like to make this a memorable one.

After dinner, we headed to Masjid Darussalam, mom went in first, so I was quite awkward being there as it was my first time to pray all by myself and it was not an occasion like Hari Raya or something.

I slowly made my own way to the Muslimah’s prayer hall, and I was quite lost looking for the washroom to take my wudhu.

I approached a very friendly lady, and she gladly walked with me for direction. It was the first time ever someone was sincere and willingly helped a lost goat like me.

As I sat there, finished my prayers, I looked up, mesmerized with the beauty of Allah’s home. I felt safe and peaceful. I swear praying gives me the most peaceful feeling and happiness within, which I can’t simply get it from anyone.

Having to pray 5 times a day, gives me confidence in leading my life every day. It feels like Allah is always with me, so there’s really nothing to be afraid of.

I feel more clean, needing to take my wudhu , removing all the jewelries I was wearing and cleanse myself, even though I showered only twice to thrice a day.

I applied my makeup in the morning, and when it’s time to pray, I would remove it and re-apply it after that. Sometimes, I may find it troublesome and a waste of makeup and bb cream, but honestly it’s all worth it heh

I will never wanna change the situation now, as I do not wish for this peace feeling to fade.

I am more than grateful that Amy accepted my changes and did not complained even once, as we had to sacrifice on a lot of things. To stop doing a lot of things we used to do.

I mean, when will all those wrongdoings stops? By praying, and it’s 5 times a day, avoid you from doing all the wrongs and concentrate on being the good.

Amy have been supporting me and do not mind if I were to put on hijab one day, whenever I am ready 🙂 Insya-Allah

“Sesungguhnya orang yang sudah mati dan sudah merasa azab api neraka, mereka inginkan Allah SWT menghidupkan mereka sehari lagi, hanya untuk bersujud kepadaNya lagi. Apakan lagi kita yang masih hidup, enggan untuk bersujud kepadaNya”


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