The night at Henderson Wave


2 days ago, the love of my life turned 29. Time flies really fast, this is the 6th birthday I celebrated with him. 

I remembered the year 2009 when he turned 24, I made him a gigantic birthday card with beautiful wishes, photos of us, and the “10  things I love about him”. 

Well, this year is a bit different, ground rules of no presents this year! And also, the day spent was kinda disturbing with strain situations happened the day before. But the best thing was, it didn’t affect us or the relationship. 

We managed to find our way all the up to Henderson Wave, the place where I’ve been wanting to see since forever. He got me popcorn from Garrett for us to munch like a mini picnic, it was like we were ready for hiking LOL 

As we sat there , talking our heart out, he was expressing how we love to be around each other so much and adore one another. Going on holidays together and don’t mind if it’s just gonna be just the two of us. 

As I sat there talking about us, I questioned him, “I am already 24, and it’s so hard for me to find a real true friend?” His answer was simple yet deep, he said  “how old am I? And where are all my friends? As we get older , we tend to lose friends, we have each other , right?”

What he said that, left me thinking , that life is not about having people to adore us, it’s about we adore people we love. For instant, I have been adoring Amy my whole life, and never did I regret for doing that. 

One heartbreaks after another, it was all worth it because he have been doing the same sacrifice for me. He stood up for me every single time, he took care of my pride, he showered me with love and kissed my wound whenever I fell. 

I love you Amy, so much that whatever happens, we will stand by each other and never look back. 


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