My stupid job

I am really not sure on what I love in life. If it’s my job , or the position I’m holding. 

The passion on doing what you love everyday, makes me think, am I really in love with my job?

It has been 3 years, and maybe the reason I’m asking all these questions now is because I have never been lonelier than today. 

Ever since my manager left me 3 months ago, I have been doing everything by myself. Going for lunch, attending audits and training, going through silly fire drills, Feeling so alone

That’s the reason why, I have been looking forward for happy hours after work, Tuesdate with fiance, and family bonding. 

Maybe this is just a temporary feeling as I currently do not have any company , and coming to work everyday knowing u would be lonely for the next 10 hours, it kills me. 

I wish I could work in a clinic, or a dental clinic, maybe with animals, but with zero experience, maybe it will be a huge turn down for me. 

Would loved to bake on weekends, and bring it over on Monday morning for fellow colleagues. But unfortunately, coming to the office every single day made me feel miserable and invisible.

They didn’t look at me with a smile or never turn to me at all. My morning greetings landed on deaf ears. So tell me, what is working life all about? About ignoring one another and only knock in my office only when you need something?

Working in this warehouse with no coffee and no hot water supplies. Had to rush to the canteen before work just to get a fresh packet for me to stay awake for the next 10 hours.

My life just suck!

 The smoking area nearby the toilet is smelly, especially when it’s near to a huge trash bin and those man kept trashing smelly milk cartons and left it there for the next 3-4 hours. You can imagine how smelly milk can be right? 

How can a lady like me work in this kinda place with all these dirt? I can’t even use my Gucci bag to work! Too many forklifts everywhere and those dust on the floor would fly around, even got to my face and eyes ! 

What’s worst! There’s no place to pray! I had to hide at the corner which people will always walked passed for picking ! 

I hate this place. I hate this place. 


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