As a QA Coordinator, my job scope is going through a lot of audits from different agencies and I am holding an important role in pertaining knowledge on the process flow and requirements.

As much as how I hated my job, I learned a lot of things, especially on the food we eat and we may not know that food are sometimes affected by the temperature surrounding and the way we handle it. It may be lead to food defect.

Yesterday was an audit from Hershey’s company. Of course I am not gonna reveal on what was going on in the audit. But an additional knowledge I learned and it may be useful for all of us.

As we may noticed, some chocolates melts easily, depends on which temperature we stored. There are 2 types of “bloom”. We may find it as damaged chocolates but they are considered as defects, but nevertheless, they are still safe to be consumed.

Fat Bloom :

Well, chocolates contained fats, and the ideal temperature to store chocolates is between 13 to 16 degree Celsius.

If we were to store in a higher temperature, the fats will rise, as fats are really light, That’s when after it melts a bit and we tend to store it in a lower temperature , you seem to notice white films are found on the outer and top part of the chocolate bar.


Sugar Bloom : 

Sugar bloom is something similar as fat bloom, they are consider defects on chocolates and still safe to be eaten.

Sugar bloom happens when you store in a higher temperature and put in back to freezer, once it’s frozen, you will put in a room temperature back again. It’s changing temperature a couple of times, therefore, the moist which dissolve from the sugar become visible and it appear on the top part of the chocolate as well. It’s like the chocolate is sweating, ever encounter that?

It’s was an interesting lesson, just sharing 🙂


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