New Change

Working location is very important, especially your surrounding.

How you get to work , greeted everyone and landed on your desk. That’s when you started your day with a cup of coffee, depending on it to help your eyes to be wide awake for the whole day/ Working happily and you can laugh during lunchtime and get home when it’s time.

It had been different for me.

Dragged my feet to work, walked extra miles to grab a coffee (since there’s no hot water available in the current office), greeted everyone but no answers from them, stayed in the office all alone like a hellhole, and went back without saying goodbye to anyone.

That’s when depression starts. No communication with people, not laughing with colleagues during lunchtime, no talking in the office as I was all alone,

But after much consideration from my boss, it had been tough communicating among each other due to the distance. He decided to put me near him in the office, it’s finally a real office.

Where I could walk a little just to get my morning hot water, where lighting’s are great, I am finally comfortable sitting in my own desk.

The toilet is clean and not flooded, it’s clean and there’s a water pipe in all cubicles, easier for us to cleanse and perform wudhu. Even the solah place is much much better.

The air I’m breathing is cleaner, the people here is friendlier, i feel so much better.

The best part is, look at the view :

viewI’ve got the best view ! It’s facing the beautiful reservoir, and I could get away for awhile just by staring to the water.

Wish I could talk some more. But I’m just too sleepy. Yawnsssss


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