Not too late

When I looked back at my life, I began to realized how naive I used to be. How arrogant I was knowing everything is complete in my life and not thanking how life had been fair for me.

Now, I’ve lost too many people, too many friends, too many families. It’s true that we things cannot be undone, but we can always make the future better.

A friend came to today, and talked to me. A great friend indeed.

She was being truthful and honest, in which in a way I admire the most. No one ever said that to me.

“That sometimes we tend to say things without thinking. Some people may accept what we say, but some may not. So we must be careful next time and everything will be okay, it’s just the matter of time”

Yes, she’s right, I need to change my attitude and the way i think of others. The way I reach out and wanting some changes, knowing things are not always the way we wanted it.

Surprisingly, I am having a life partner who adores me and never ever sees those flaws in me, guess he’s a little blinded in love LOL but not really in a way not knowing my wrongs, he loves me in every way he could.

Deep inside I knew, it’s still not too late to change. I know I need to open a new book, a new life, new personality. Not because I need people to accept me, but this is a basic gesture of being a normal human beings.

Thank you dear friend. You opened up my eyes.


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