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Not sure where do i start. With uncertain feelings overpowering everything. It ruined my day, passing the time slowly. Makes me hate waking up and realize it’s the reality.

I didn’t know life can be this hard, but as I was always taught, that obstacles which hit us right on our face, 5 years down the road, we will thank them one day, that we are chosen to be the one to experience it.

Sometimes, I wish to be alone, sometimes , I wish to be single, sometimes, I would love to run away, but sometimes, I wish to stay.

How tired I am right now, I just need a deep sleep. to rest my mind off, to be able to tell myself, things will be okay one day. To listen to a voice, convincing me enough, that this pain is just temporary.

My mind is not peaceful, and feelings are not at ease.

I missed begging for hopes, and I missed being strong. I missed being the one who provide the pain, and happily singing my problems away.


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