Sucky food with the best company ever


Alhamdulilah I survived 2014 with a happy ending.

On the eve of New Year, was a well planned date but not which I could say it went as well as planned

I was on half day, so I had my own me time for eyebrow threading and Gong Cha πŸ™‚

Had the time to go over to Orchard before I pick Amy up, thought of getting him something for late surprise Christmas gift, and Bershka caught my eye with their SALES. I was on earpiece the whole time, but I could hear the loud music in the store, with the crowd errmaagaad it added to my migraine so the urge of getting Amy something was called off.

Before midnight, we managed to layover at Mustafa for a few hours and head to East Coast Lagoon Food Village for some satay and chicken wings (we had that whenever we’re there).

But you know, God is fair. I bet he wanted us to try other food this time, because THE SATAY SUCKS!! It was dry and not tendered at all! Don’t get me started on the chicken wing ! We waited for the whole of 70 mins for it to be ready!!

I hated the services, I hated the food !

We scrolled by the beach , which was already really dark and too many families put up tents for the night.

It was 11pm. One more hour ~

We talked for awhile , about our dreams, about holidays and our upcoming house.

Time checked: 11.15pm ~

We wanted to wait for the fireworks but we were too tired. Well, we’ve decided to head back home but we manage to catch some fireworks on the road heh

I guess we are in the phase where countdowns and fireworks doesn’t matter anymore. We are definitely gonna spend countdown together from 2016 onward till forever πŸ™‚


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