Not a draggy month so much

As much as my title says, yeah not so much of a draggy month for me, unlike December. But today is only the 8th, too early to predict am I right?

As much as Amy and I thought that we have been that boring of a couple that we rally go out for some fun or food hunting to nice places like we used to, Amy comforted me with kind words as to remind me that we are putting most of our expenses dollars in the wedding fund, so it’s alright to be a bit cheapskate now, as we will be enjoying our lives together in future being in a family.

But saving up doesn’t stop me from having some fun getting mini cupcakes or some good coffee when I’m alone on my way home. I still sneaked to get some Starbucks and buy some small gifts for myself teehee

I recently tried out a new color for my lips, and I am soooo falling in love with nude colors. I will get one, as this belongs to sissy. I have not been putting such risk of buying a brand new lipstick, but this one, suits me so damn well.


For a new foody place to try, the 5 of us tried dining in at PapaRich, at Star Vista for little brother’s 19th birthday.

We were lucky enough there was no crowd at all, Dad have been hating places with crowds and noises, he would always prefer for peaceful lunch when it comes to just the 5 of us. He ever tried out this place with colleagues and that was why he recommended it to us.

Feedback of the food? The food was awesome possum. I had the Super Rich Combo. It was great, tasty and the yellow rice was really tasty, the ingredients in the rice were visible, raisins and mixed vegetables.

photo 1

The food price was affordable, maybe estimated $15 per pax. I understand if the price is a bit too much for normal rice dish like this, but trust me, you would be willing to pay more for such food quality like that!

Service wise, I rate it as 5 stars out of 10. Total bill for the 5 of us was about $136.

After the wonderful lunch, we had Gelare’s waffle and ice-cream for desserts. Fair enough, Dad loves those waffles !! Yay Phew!

*Scroll down for picture*

photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5 g jd s v w

1 Vista Exchange Green,
#01-43, The Star Vista,
Buona Vista,
Singapore 138617

Telephone No. : +65 9452 6212
: +65 8502 9727

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