Banafe Village

It was a fun but loooong really loooong ride to JB via Tuas on Tuesday 12/1/2015

We entered the custom at around 7pm (which we thought it would not be that long queue). It was a long wait as Malaysia workers were taking that route as well.

We thought that Malaysia workers would only enter via Woodlands checkpoint. We were wrong!

It took us a good 150mins waiting and managed to reach the first petrol station by 8.30pm. Our main intention was just to refill our baby’s tank(which was our bike)

Amy then decided to dine in somewhere he used to go with his family, I used to tag along as well. But it was 4 years ago. We totally forgot where it was, especially in foreign place where we were not really familiar with the road names.

We asked around and went too many rounds, some roads we’ve seen for more than twice!

Finally we found it opposite New York Hotel, and we set out butt at 11pm! Oh God can you imagine how sore my thighs were, sitting in the bike for more than 4 hours without rest!

We ordered chinese style beef (fried with dried chilies), steamed sea bass with lemon and chili, kankong with prawn paste and some otah for the sides while waiting for the food.

Amy ordered shisha for RM13.

The atmosphere was great and peaceful with live bands playing songs. Service was 9/10 and the food was not so fantastic but I would rate it as 8/10. The fish had those fishy smelly taste, but Amy loves it, so I won’t really comment on it that much.

We spent RM113 for everything. *Thumbs up on the price*

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5 a h i mm p

Banafe Village

Lot 9022, Jalan Dato’ Abdullah Tahir, Johor 

80300 Johor Bahru, Malaysia

+60 7-333 3377

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