The day I felt the ugliest

I can simply fall asleep in front of my desktop right now. I can’t take it anymore. Seems like this is by far the most annoying week, and of course the most tiring one.

I feel so heavy in my own body and so uncomfortable. Have been trying out my own remedies at work with the help of my executive. We shopped for honey, lemon, oats and energy bars.

I crave for more sugar than ever, I get stressed up so easily and cried all the time. No reason.

Around this week, I was on a date with Amy, we had waffles and ice cream at Gelare. I know right! It was a good dessert. Right after the waffle, Amy had to rush to the gents.

I roamed around alone at Star Vista and came across a lady who stood outside her shop giving away samples. Yeah I know it was pretty obvious that has always been a way to attract customers. I was the best bait.

She handed me over a small mini sample of lotion. Stupidly thought of just wanted to kill time, I let her pour a dead sea salt on my palm. She pulled me to her store. Regret, but still tailed her in.

She showed me a brochure with a picture of her floating with a bikini in the dead sea. Telling me all about healthy skin and fragrances.

She gave me an attractive price for bath salt + body. Who no one who simply decline. I wish to purchase, but she insisted me try on the facial products as well.

She said my skin was dirty and called me “Dirty Girl!” and laughed. OMG that was funny fine! But it was not a good way to say as you must always always make your customer feel good about themselves.

I’ve had enough of having this low self esteem of knowing how much weight I gained, she couldn’t made me anymore worst!

My phone rang non stop! Amy started calling me asking me for my location.

When I saw him came in the store, was glad and asked for his help to tell this salesperson off but she kept on pestering me to  get almost everything in the store! I was so frustrated and annoyed that I walked off the store while she grabbed something off the racks.

I didn’t feel good at all after that. With those unstable hormones, I broke down to tears, AGAIN! She made me so shitty that I no longer feel at all pretty!

I swear to God I will never step in that place also the whole building anymore!

I will purchase the products online, as it was kinda good on my skin! It was service which I do not want!

Anyways, work have never been worst! I have been so stressed up chasing datelines, pimples started popping out. I would lay down straightaway after dinner, not able to even play with my parrot or my cat!

Can’t wait for my Batam trip this coming chinese new year. Finally, two days of Amy without disturbance!


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