With this spirits of trying to get back on shape, I recently participated in my company’s yoga class which held every Friday during lunchtime. We engaged a yoga instructor who was seriously nice and calm and I guess that’s how a yoga’s instructor should be.

I’ve always wanted to try out yoga and been searching for the classes beginner classes online, but having this low self esteem of trying it alone, and being all fat made me stop logging in and participate.

I believe this program we had at work at least helped me on seeing if I am suitable and enjoy this kinda relaxation workout. So glad I did!

It was the 3rd lesson of the month today. Indeed I am enjoying every second of it! It seemed like the time was going too fast and I definitely didn’t wish for it to end. The moment we had to sit up straight and put our palms together before us and the instructor said “Namaste“, I was like “that?s it?? urghhhh”. Back to stressful world now.

I am beginning to tag along some friends who are already doing yoga for trial. First, because it’s free and second, at the very least I don’t actually feel so alone and awkward.

Yoga teaches me the right ways to breathe, to sit and to stretch.

The instructor told us something new today “Times are stressful now and everyone’s rushing. Back in 100 years ago, cavemen were relaxed and they got stressed up only when there was a tiger ran after them, They had to run to save their own lives. But as soon as the tiger was gone, they were back to their normal pace and relaxed all over again. But the lives we’re living now are different. We are rushing every time and the rush is like a tiger running after us, all the time. Stress makes us look older and we may forget the right ways to breathe at times”

Every each of us in class managed to do the 90degree hand stand today. Honestly, with my current body size now, I didn’t thought that I could do it (as I was the fattest in class, can’t deny that). But I did! I am surely gonna practice it at home later, gonna get ready for next week. We are gonna try to do a full body stand against the wall. Yipeeedeeyaya

I’m gonna rest now, hands are still shaking due to the over 10 planks we just did šŸ™‚

*patting on my own shoulder, GOOD JOB RAI!


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