The computer on my desk

Finally after not using computer at home for so long, like years! Amy came over last Tuesday and checked out what was wrong with this baby which have been rotting by the corner of my room, covered with dust and an old printer.

Grateful for having a fiance who is an IT promoter, at least he could see if everything’s fine or there’s faults in the cables etc.

Here I am lazing at home on a Saturday. enjoying the heat from outside. Spending some time playing with my parrot and my cat in the other room.

I know life would change one day, it’s just the matter of time.

One day, everyone would wake up happy and excited, preparing for my solemnization day. The henna party would be 2 days right before the solemnization day as it need roughly 48 hours to fully absorb on my skin so it could be as dark as ink.

The day would be full of joy, but at the same time I knew, my parents would be in tears of joy. Smiling and worrying at the same time, wondering how would it be like to miss me terribly and not being able to see me everyday.

Honestly, I would feel the same way too, even now I do. How am I gonna wake up in the morning knowing that my biological parents are no longer near , under the same roof? Their voices wouldn’t be around. Their laughter and nagging from mom early in the morning trying to wake us up.

The sleepy mode I would usually turn on in my head whenever dad watched wrestling at night, and mom would be playing games on her phone. How dad always always remind me to pray on time. God I’m gonna miss them all.

As what I planned, the wedding day would be the next day after solemnization, so everyone could have at least few hours of rest and sleepover at my place maybe.

So many plans and preps. So little time. If we thought that 2 years is still a long way, we’re hella wrong! Seriously the period is too fast for me. Enough time to prepare for the wedding? Yes! Getting to know each other the whole time after being engaged to one another? Definitely! Spending as much time and shower my parents with love? Time cam never be enough, even a whole lifetime will never be enough.

No more arguments over stupid things with brother and exchanging clothes and lipsticks with sissy.

Won’t be able to sit down with dad for opinions anytime of the day, and no more sharing breakfast with my parrot.

Can’t go on already. I’m sad.


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