Haters gonna hate

I saw something new today and it craved a smile on my face at first but then it turned out something suspicious. The way of writing and english. It was from someone i would never wanna know anymore. Someone who used to be so close. 

Never did i knew u would read me up but thats something which i dont think i would appreciate. 

Other’s opinion may be but definitely not the truth. You dont know me and in no place to judge. Having troubles reading and annoyed with what i wrote, well i dont think you are obligated to read and may be smiling with my misery. 

You may find my life suck dwelling on things which can be described as “should have my own self as a friend”. Maybe that applies to you which explains your position right now.

I have my own ways on what to write about.

I believe that adult frienship requires effort and time, and the frienship you used to provide wasnt up to my interest anymore. 

I no longer cares and little would i take notice on your existence. 

May you lead a better life old friend. 


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