Unlucky Sunday

Well, this week did not went that well for me, except for Thursday date night with Amy, and night out with girlfriend on Friday.

I had been sick for 3 days and came back to office only on Thursday to find myself to be the most busiest woman on earth as soon as I came back to office!


Thursday went too well with the love of my life. We had dinner together and rushed to IMM for Magrib.

It was a blessed evening as Amy prayed together in the next room. we had jemaah with some other Muslim strangers, but it went well. I was excited and in my extreme surprise after Amy told me he was the one to did the Qamat!

Well, he may not be the imam or the one to perform the azan, But being the one to do the qamat is already something I would be blessed for.

For being so unlucky for so long, migraine strikes yesterday when I was in office. I decided to come back and continue some work and only managed to be there for 4 hours, went over to Jurong Point for dinner with Amy and we tried the soft bone chicken at food court.

To my surprise, the bones were extremely soft. Taste wise? Sweet, yeah. But after a few pieces, it felt so weird to be chewing chicken bones (I don’t know why). I mean it normally fish bones are edible but chewing on chicken bones? Erm, I don’t think so, not something I would call it as my favourite.

I’m feeling a bit better today, migraine so called gone , and I was hoping I could finish up my work at home. But it turned out I brought home the wrong book! So there is no way I’m able to refer and I can do NOTHING! How careless can I be??!!

Due to this stupidity, I gotta cancel my dinner date with Dyla tomorrow just so I could finish up my work tomorrow at home . We are suppose to get some Korean food 😦

So here I am, just staring at this laptop , feeling stupid all over….!!!!



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