The campaign

I swear I have wanting to update this blog but every single time I was typing, there seems to have a lot of interruption.

So finally I managed to get some time, so here goes.

Ramadhan is coming real soon, I mean 10 MORE DAYS! Yeah baby!

Let’s skip the part where we are all excited for Hari Raya cuz I know everyone are. Let’s take a minute to pay some respect for the kids who’s life were taken away due to the earthquake at Kinabalu.

For the parents of theirs, do know that your kids are the chosen ones who Allah loves. May they rest in Peace.

Anyway back to my post, which have been long missed, I have been super busy with work(as usual) if you guys have been reading my tweets, which shows much complaining about how much I wanna be at home and not face my boss every single day.

New projects coming and I keep reminding myself, the start is always the hardest. So let’s work our ass off and do this!

Anyway guys, people are all talking about those campaigns held by Malaysians about touching & keeping dogs and stuffs. Issues like this doesn’t bother that much until a ‘friend’ who actually commented something which didn’t interest me at all on my facebook where I posted a picture with a dog, Baby.

She is an adorable dog and I have known her for years. She was owned by my ex manager and tell me, who don’t love dogs, especially those cute and tame ones?

This ‘friend’ asked me if I know what’s the consequences of touching dogs and have I not heard of this anti people touching dogs and stuffs.

Yes I do know right and wrong, and if you’re in my friends list and judging, then don’t be in it. I believe I accept any forms of warnings but not warned after you’re done with all the judging.

So friends (who are not close) , kindly stay away from my affairs if all you know is judging ok?



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