Wedding Plans #1

I have selected 3 bridesmaids in my list, and I shall take my own time to know who would be the lucky slash victim Cinderella to help me running errands and share opinions with me for my upcoming wedding.

The only thing Amy needs to do is just choose the right #hashtag to be used on the big day for our postings in social medias, and it kinda made him a little inactive getting involve anymore lol. Cuz I guess he wanna help mostly hands on but nooo, leave that to me and my girlfriends alright!

Hmm, as for wedding theme color, still haven’t decide yet. I saw some weddings (which I believe it belongs to brides) with blue turquoise and white, or hot pink and white. Simply loving it !

I am taking my own sweet time cuz I am definitely not rushing at all.

So here’s the plan for now:

Proposed wedding date: Oct 2016 (Insya Allah)

So now it’s only June 2015 right, and let me concentrate on Ramadhan and Syawal first. Dad wants me to see the caterer after Syawal and before you know it, it’s sissy’s engagement on Sept.

I still need time to decorate my own trays and mom wants it to all DIY, as to avoid getting ourselves in trouble having to liaise with people to rent those trays, Lesson learnt! Also after the wedding is over, we can just hand it over to the next bride/groom-to-be (if it’s still in good condition) , otherwise, we can just throw it away.

Amy wants the marriage course to be on October 2015. So basically, my schedule are all full for this year then?

Here’s my to-do list for this year :-

  1. Make an appointment with caterer after Syawal
  2. September will be sissy’s engagement, so I bet there would be so many things to do and prepare!!
  3. Marriage course on October
  4. November onwards, props shopping for my DIY trays and wedding invitation cards.
  5. Oh ya , not only that, there need to be direction signs to be DIY as well. Those signs are to be put up on the wedding day itself for guests to find their way to our place.
  6.  December will be GSS again! A good idea to shop for our wedding exchange gifts when there’s offers all over Singapore. (*smart cheapskate*)

As for next year, more things coming up before the actual big day!

I need to

  1. Book an appointment for my wedding deco vendor, and by then I can decide the theme color for the wedding
  2. Once theme color decided, I can look for a perfect wedding cake that goes with the theme!
  3. Book for Henna and inquire and all
  4. My cousin and her husband would like to sponsor me on photobooth props, decorations and cameras. I just need to look for toners for the photo printers, clear plastic for the printer photos and labour cost. Nice isn’t it? But still deciding if I should get an ice cream booth though, the wonderful couple are offering me a good price but the big day would be in October. will it be a hot or wet season then? Is ice-cream needed? Heheheh

So with all these checklist, I still need to put on time to continue decorating the trays and the invitation cards. Will I ever have enough time? Sigh pie.

So that’s why, deciding on the bridesmaid need to be SOON SOON SOON!!!

May Allah bless my journey. TIll I update again on wedding plans alright.


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