Father’s Day

Its the 4th day of Ramadhan today, and it’s Father’s Day. Happy Father’s day to you Baba. 

We had a pretty filling meal today as sissy’s idea to try out the mini steamboat she recently won during our family’s chalet lucky draw last month. 

Everyone got sleepy right after the meal and it was so hard for all of us to perform Magrib later after that hehe. It’s almost 10.30pm now and i’ve yet to do my terawih yet hehe. Lazy fat cat I am. 

Well, as usual Saturday Ramadhan plan like last night,  Amy would bring me to Geylang Serai for some food hunting. 

We had one of the best Wadeh , Ramly Burger and Cheesy Banana Fritter which got popular now. The one we tried last night was in Mil flavor. It was weird for us at first, but it tasted sooo gooood….!!! 

My aim for weight loss this ramadhan seem to fail heheh but insya Allah not my plans for ibadah. 

To many more food hunting….. πŸ” 


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