A year to the big day.

Attention attention!!

October is coming and it would be a year to go. A year more where I can wake up next to the love of my life everyday, sharing memories and our lives together, through good times and hardships.


I have been preparing everything slowly eg Henna and wedding cake booked. Wedding gift trays booked. Cameraman booked, bridal booked πŸ™‚

Last week, Amy and I had viewed the wedding outfits and surprisingly someone was even much more committed me! He chose, and talked out his opinions and wasn’t shy in choosing and asking questions hehe. I can never forget how cute he was when he was putting on the tanjak! Haha

It was a fun experience having to try it out and imagining being the King and Queen for the day. Where everyone awaits our arrival and checking us out, it would be an honor having guests coming over to attend our event. OURS!

I am left with meeting up with the caterer, choosing the right invitation card and berkat.

The rest of the preparations would be a fun one as my bridesmaids will be the ones to help out πŸ™‚


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