Innisfree ……

After my engagement (which by the way I was pretty much satisfied with my complexion and body weight) , I began to have breakouts and weight gain. I have been super uncomfortable under my own skin.

Have tried so many different facial products and nothing work. I mean it didn’t worsen my face, it just added breakouts every single day. Reddish and huge pimples all over.

After Kiehl’s, Eversoft, Neutrogena, C&C, and my aunt wanted me to try out something else. You know if you were to try out new products, you gotta get the whole set! Cleanser, toner, moisturizer, sunblock, night cream. Just like how I tried out Kiehl’s which I spent over $100 on the whole set. But sadly, nothing works.

So I came across Innisfree store. The staffs there made me comfortable by not tailing me the moment I stepped in the store. I would always need some time to go around and read the descriptions at the back of the products one by one, to see which one suits me the most.

The staff who assisted me said that my face was dehydrated and oily on my T-zone, so Green Tea facial cleanser is the right one for me.

It was affordable and one thing I love about big bottle cleansers they have, is I could use it for a long period, rather than having the need to come back for more.


Green tea cleansing foam 150ml

After a month , my face has no breakouts! Just left with those usual whiteheads which got me so tempted to grab some tissue and squeeze them out!

A week later, I came back to hunt for toner. I have decided to try out innisfree products slowly, one by one. I don’t wanna waste my money again on breakouts!!

This time, the staff recommended me something different. Since my face has all these troubled acnes, why not I try out toner for troubled skin? Taraaaaaaa…….


Bija anti-trouble skin 200ml

I love the natural smell, kinda natural woody smell! LOL

Used use half a bottle now. Right now, my breakouts has stopped. I am planning to get some Aloe Vera sleeping pack. They have me the samples upon my purchase, and it was good. I shall come back and ask them about my whiteheads this time 🙂


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