My dear Honeygar

I have been feeling fatigue for the past few months. I can’t seem to sleep earlier than usual.

Have been looking for the right remedy and drinking cinnamon with honey which seems to take up a lot of my time in the morning and before bedtime, as you gotta boil water and stir cinnamon powder in it, you add some honey once the boiling water starts to soothes a little bit.

It IS GOOD and so much benefit, I can’t deny. It is the most laziest and effective way to lose weight. I became energetic after consuming it a weeks!

Well, right now I have been trying out something new!

Apple cider with honey!!

Not only it taste great! It cleanse and for the bonus point, heals heartburn instantly! Yes, instantly!

I used to try out apple cider and it tasted and smell horrible! When after that, I got to know that it was used for cooking and I should be getting the one for drinking instead!

So guys! You should try it out! It became my daily routine and I got so addicted to it. Especially if you’re a honey lover.

Let’s start enjoying ‘Honeygar’ from today!

downloadThe one used for cooking (left)


The one used for drinking  download (1).jpg


Below are the benefits of Apple Cider 🙂

  • Apple cider helps with tummy problems
  • cures hiccups
  • soothes sore throat
  • could lower cholesterol
  • prevents indigestion
  • clear stuffy nose
  • aids in weight loss
  • get rids of dandruff
  • clears acne
  • boost energy
  • cuts down night time leg cramps
  • banishes bad breath
  • whitens teeth
  • fades bruises
  • helps control blood sugar

Look at all the benefits! I do not have the time to tell you more in details on where to start. But you may also get all these benefits and ways to do it in so many websites and Pinterest 🙂

Good Luck!


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