Hello 2016

Time seems to travel faster year by year, and finally 2016 is here and 9 more months to the great wedding.

Reality is still kicking in , I am soon gonna be the wife of my charming man and would have the chance to be by his side taking care of him and putting him to sleep every night 🙂 Cheesy!

As of now, preps are still ongoing. Bridesmaids meeting have yet to confirm when it will be, but I am definitely planning something nice for the 5 of us, to bond and discuss for the wedding.

Daddy is DIYing my wedding trays (with my favorite theme of course!), excited mode on louder when me and Amy is in the middle of getting all the gifts for the trays! YAY!

All the vendors are confirmed except for deco, tons of modern concept vs vintage looked wedding theme , I just can’t decide!

I went to Expo(KAHWIN-KAHWIN) last weekend with Amy’s family , and I was caught off guard with all the beautiful wedding outfits , wishing I could wear it all and wanted to ask the price for renting a pair for my solemnization ceremony. But we were rushing off 😦

I’ll write again for more updates 🙂 It’s lunchtime …..



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