Counting Down


Time really flies and we are happily counting down to the wedding! Approximately 9 more months to go.

Last week, I met up with the vendor for deco and finally selected the theme for my wedding. I am getting my dream wedding and nothing is gonna stop my way teeheee (evil and small laughs with thousands of surprises)

Though things are getting kinda hard now as Amy is going back to school and we rarely going on dates much , we are using the time we have to spend a lot of time with each other’s families.

He spends so much time at my place and had dinner together with my family, or just simly hang out. We are so much closer now compared to the past years.

Well, as of now. My wedding preparation is still ongoing, and my dear bridesmaids are as excited as I am!

During my KL trip, I got them each a pair of raw cloth for them to send it for tailor-made. They would have their own choice of style and cuttings but with designs that I have chose.

Bridesmaids meeting real soon yay! Already got them their presents and I can’t wait to pass it to them and wonder how their reactions would be!


3 out of 4 of them are February babies, so birthdays means, not being in Singapore and off for their birthday trips! I might need to wait for another month to see them altogether.

Ozzy have been a great help for giving me all those tips which I didn’t thought of taking notes of, as she is much older than me and ever been a friend’s bridesmaids before. For sure she is also the one who have been stopping me from buying all unnecessary stuffs which is not a need, but a want!

Ain is my motivator to lose weight and stay healthy, she is a healthy person herself and loves the sun! My beach date forever!

Dyla and Linna are the ones I missed the most! Haven’t met them for months and I wish I could see them real soon!

Ladies, please make yourself free on March onwards!

Here are the things I am gonna DIY for my wedding (I wish there’s more) :

  • My wedding invitation card
  • Direction signs to lead guests to the wedding venue
  • My wedding gift trays
  • My bridal room decoration
  • Wedding box for the my parents to keep their envelopes by guests

Can’t think of anything else now. Shall soon update on my wedding plans!


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