Wedding Cake

These few weeks, I have been carrying such heavy heart to work.

Nope! Not because of my cat, my parrot or my new favorite colorful bed sheet. It was because of my job.

The project which I have been working on for half year is not happening and the bosses have decided not to proceed.

So here I am, with my boss leaving and wondering who will my next boss be, I am here waiting for the moon to fall.

I am making use of the free time I have to do a lot of research, googling everything I had to with regards to our upcoming honeymoon plans and also gaining a lot of wedding preparation tips.

I just ordered something so beautiful which I have been eyeing for months! The one and only WEDDING CAKE TOPPER! Customized of my name and Amy’s with gold glitters! It goes really well with my rustic theme wedding cake.

It was really indecisive to think about what kinda cake to get for my wedding. As usual, me being me, I would always want my things to be different from others.

I know wedding cakes are suppose to be the main attraction on every wedding. It would usually be big and classy and really really beautiful.

In my understanding, the price of the cake depends on how big you want the ‘real’ cake to be. Some would prefer 3 tiers, with dummy cake on the bottom as the base, which is the biggest, and the real ones would be the second and the top.

I checked with a friend who made the most tastiest and beautiful cake in the world! She was also the same person who did the vintage pastel cupcakes for my engagement. It was delicious and detailed.


She is Finnie by the way. For wedding cakes which consist of the dummy ones, she would be doing the dummy ones on the base and middle cake, and leave the top one to be the real cake.

In my head, I wouldn’t want to be standing in front of all my relatives looking up to the top of the cake and cutting it with Amy. I wanted something simple and so me.

So the plan is, she will be making my cake only 2 tiers, full cream cheese cake(which tasted like ice cream by the way). It will be decorated with my favorite flowers, white roses. Last but not least, she will also help me out by poking the cake topper which I bought on top of the cake!

I am purchasing the cake myself, as I don’t find it that expensive. As I understand, some siblings or relative would choose to sponsor the bride/groom their wedding cake.

If any of you sisters or brothers are out of ideas what to sponsor your siblings who are getting married for their wedding, you can get them the wedding cake, or maybe the event DJ or maybe some props for their wedding photobooth πŸ™‚


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