What Happened In January?

Year by year, time is passing faster than usual.

It was a rather hectic yet fun month this year, what a start! πŸ™‚

In my busyness of preparing all my things for the wedding, I learned that time is so precious and I would always hope I could spend more time with my loved ones!

I spent early January with Amy’s family. We had a wonderful time at Vivo and I managed to sneak in to some stores trying to find something nice for the wedding gift trays for Amy heehee . (I got him colorful socks by the way!)



Followed by my dearest babybrother’s 20th birthday. This time we didn’t do much for him, as I am busy preparing the wedding (I said that because I would usually be the one excited over his birthday and got him something from his wishlist!) and he have been busy with his own savings. Mom cooked the nicest beef steak and we had our own quality time at home with some close friends.

I will always love you no matter what okay!



Followed by trying out the food over at Jamie’s with my dearest gf the following week. What I can tell you is, Jamie’s is a restaurant which I dare to say I was really disappointed with the food 😦 I have been admiring Jamie’s food and watched almost all of his cooking show on TV but I didn’t thought that my gf’s salad and my squid would turn out to be a disappointment.

Gf had her Super Salad, and I had my squid which falls under the category of seafood, NOT SIDES!Β The food portion was ridiculously small and my gf’s “super salad” was more like a bowl full of beans! The avocado in it looked scary as it was no appetizing at all! Don’t get me started on the juices, it was bland!

We booked it 2 weeks in advance, and I would not have asked my gf to book it if I knew it would turn out this way.

You guys can still try if you want, no pressure and still your choice okay?

Well, we went over to The Queens and Mangosteen right after that. Food were much better, so much better !



Mid month of January, I attended one of my colleague’s son’s wedding held at Jurong East. Guess what, the groom engaged the same vendor I am using for my wedding Deco!!!

Teeheeee… I liked their work of course! But I was glad I didn’t choose the same designs as this wedding I attended. Even though I looooove pallet theme designs so much, this one seemed a little plain and small. I have always admired wide and spacious dias. But this particular vendor, did this pallet theme and I didn’t really like it. I happened to choose a different theme πŸ™‚

Ructic, Vintage, LOVE IT !


Last but not least, third week, it was DADDY”S BIRTHDAY!!

We planned to bring him to his favorite place, PAPARICH. With the ambiance over at Star Vista, and how much he liked the food , we were disappointed to know that the outlet over at Star Vista was closed down.

So we went over to plan B, dine at the one at West Gate. Honestly, I would prefer having dinner at places like this,


than places like this,


So can you see the difference there? I love places where it’s located at level 1, and looks private than a place located in a shopping center, and in an outlet where passerby could see you eating in there. Most importantly, I don’t really prefer crowded restaurants.


It was a short evening, we had paparich and then we had a walk around Big Box and had coffee after that. It was tiring though, everyone took half day off from work and we gotta rush to look for musollah during Asar.

Overall, it was a memorable January for me πŸ™‚

Everything in life is temporary, cherish while it last…

Hello February. And Happy Birthday to 3 of my Bridesmaids.



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