Marriage Course

I spend my last weekend attending the marriage course , under SMPC at Masjid An-Nur (Marsiling).

I think I booked this class last month, and oh boy I couldn’t wait for it. So excited what the course might be like, and what it was about!

It was a 2 days course, Saturday 9am-5pm and Sunday 9am-4pm.

Total 7 couples in the class but there was one guy who came alone as his partner had an operation that weekend, he was kinda quiet though, and shy.

It was a fun yet tiring weekend for me, it felt like school all over again. Lectures and talks the whole day (it was hell for me the whole time as it was my “first” day and it burst out i in the morning!!)

The course is no longer necessary for BTBs and GTBs, but it would be something worth learning as you will never learn things like this in school or in Google!

By attending this course, I learned that there are things our partners may feel but may never say it to our face. Eg, what he feel about us and what he would want from us.

There were sessions where you had to write a short essay about when was the time your partner opened up your heart, and why.

Once done, we would sit with our partners and talk about us and memories etc. Those were the things I would have never did with Amy if it weren’t for this course.

This course taught me to understand Amy better and learned why did he reacted on things differently before this and what are the things he expected in this relationship.

I would really recommend this course to all of you BTBs and GTBs out there, it may be a bit pricey and unnecessary to be presented on your solemnization day , but it was worth it.

PS: the course was by Mr Omar, he was funny and the class was super fun! Thanks to him!






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