Myself this time





Due to my busy schedule as I am currently shifted to a new department, I have been catching up with time , and of course my sleep! It feels obliged to be on my bed by 10 every night, and still got up tired the next morning. Not to forget, I still haven’t got the time to start my marathon training, a month plus to go for JP Morgan Run!!! 

Here’s gonna be the first I ever post about myself, everything about me. (Can’t really figure out how do I come up with this) Super random I know! Heh so basically this is gonna be my first ever bio post! 

  1. I am a morning person. Yes! 
  2. Breakfast is the kick start of my morning. Can’t live through the whole day without breakfast. 
  3. Prefer to run than any other workout, even though at times it would be such a drag to tie my shoelace but running is the only cardio I prefer. 
  4. Big fan of YOGA! Namaste bitches!  
  5. Sweet tooth!
  6. Am an animal lover. Wish I could have a dog! 
  7. I’m big foot ! Eu 42
  8. A hopeless romantic. 
  9. Looooove cafes. 
  10. Close relationship with my parents. I tell them everything! 
  11. Loves online shopping! It feels like my birthday every time a parcel came! 
  12. Loves scrap booking! 
  13. Loves coffee and white chocolate mocha from Starbucks! 
  14. Love love love the beach and the sun. I can go hours and hours suntanning and fell asleep without worrying about my skin or anything. In love with the smell of the sand and the sunblock! Haha
  15. Can get really obsessed with Malay or English series of drama. 
  16. Would always be on Twitter before I sleep. 
  17. Absolutely love shows which has got to do with Vampires. 
  18. I don’t think I socialize enough, I would get really tired after hanging around for few hours. Would rather be at home. 
  19. Love DIY and if only I can DIY my own wedding deco. Which is far from impossible! 
  20. I love making lists, reminders and alarms because I know a lot of things could slip off my mind! 
  21. I could multitask alot, I am able to listen to 2 person at a time and still attend to a group chat! 
  22. I have no one best friend, just many friends that I am closer to then others.
  23. I cry alot, alone. Especially in the middle of praying. 
  24. I love henna drawing and everyone say I should start charging for my work but I would prefer to do it for fun 🙂 
  25. I used to be very self-conscience of my body, but now not so much. I still am a little bit, but I’ve learnt to love myself and what I look like.
  26. My best travelling partner would be Amy. I’m his too! 
  27. Being an introvert, made it hard for me to get along with Amy’s family or relative, we are cool but I don’t seem to have a lot to say whenever we’re in a big group. 
  28. The sibling I’m close with, my baby brother. He’s 20 now and will forever be my baby brother. 
  29. Getting married to Amy is in one of my wishlist of my life! 
  30. I am firm believer of Islam and Allah and I respect everyone from different religions. I am not perfect myself, so I am never a person who would tell you how to live your life. 



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