Welcoming April In 2 weeks

March have been quite a busy week for me, still learning being in the new department. I am so used to understanding processes from SOP and now I need to start off learning adhoc issue bit by bit here and there and compile everything together.

Whole lot of learning and yes, I feel like I’m in school!

According to the header, April’s coming. Nothing much about the wedding prep though.

Rather more to my tight activities happening in April and you know what that means? A whole month of fun!!

3 days chalet with family, BBQ pit with surprise party, Marathon, attennding a contest which my cousin is participating,  attending weddings etc!

I am pretty much officially a busy woman outside work for next month!

Anyway, yesterday was our 81st monthsary. Okay I know it sounds a little cocky but I would still love to celebrate monthsaries like any couples do. It a monthly thingy where we would always always remind each other of how great our life have been 🙂

This June will be our 7th year together, and of course the very last anniversary we would be celebrating before the wedding. Counting down, 3 months to go and 7 months to the wedding!!!


Amy picked me up at home on Sunday, (yes I was glad I decided to put on something nice and a bit of makeup). He was all dressed up planning to bring me out for desserts. Yeah I still love going out on dates with him, as currently is the period where we gotta save up, we rarely go on dates but spending more time together at home.

Honestly , I can’t wait for the wedding! Months and months of preparation , I am finally ready for the whole show Heh!

Till next time !




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