The Bridesmaids

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I had sucha tiring weekend last week! But it surely paid off! 

Finally we had our bridesmaid meeting. 

Thanks ladies, for squeezing the time for meetup on a Sunday! 

I secretly purchase 3 bridesmaids tumblers for them as a thank you gift for taking up the honor to be there with me on my big day, to make sure that everything runs smoothly and nothing’s gonna messed up.

I also got them an invitation card to be my bridesmaids! I understand that some may see it as something unnecessary to be giving out gifts like that, and no I am not hoping to make it a trend, it was my own idea to get something nice for the ladies who have been with me through my ups and downs and finally I am ending my single-hood. I want them to be there with me planning and everything!!

As I am being the wedding planner of my own, I would love having these 3 angels helping me out for this coming last 6 months I have 🙂 

Well, I had everything planned out months ago, and the time has come to finally put my hands on it and start! Most of the things on my event will be DIY , of course not the catering and decoration of dias as I don’t think I can handle it alone, plus I am not a certified deco vendor lol. 

I was so stressed out in the beginning of the meeting (I left my notes and copies of task for them in the office!!! No more staying late in the office and get busy on FRIDAYS!!), but I managed to remember most of the things in the list which I wrote , and got them to understand the idea and plans for my wedding 🙂 PHEW!

We had our 5 hours chit chat session at La Marelle Cafe at Arab Street. The place was convenient for me as it was located near Kampong Glam and it took me 3 minutes to walk to Masjid Sultan. 

I was glad so many ideas and opinions came out throughout the whole discussion and relieved you ladies are a part of it.

Thank you again ladies for everything, and Lila for helping me out with all the DIYs. 

Can’t wait for the big day! 




25A Baghdad Street
Singapore 199664

11:00am – 11:00pm


+65 81387654


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