The Date at Aquamarine


FullSizeRender (002)


After months of not having a job and had been a good students for nearly 5 months, Amy is finally starting to get back on his feet to work 🙂

So we decided to have a mini celebration, just the two of us, at Aquamarine.

It was a fine Tuesday and we both took our own sweet time to eat and enjoy every moment together.

It was convenient and less worry for us, as the restaurant provides a musollah for muslims and we were glad there were also a place for ablution 🙂 Thumbs up!

It has always been difficult for me to be out during Magrib , as I , a woman, needed much more for praying prep compared to men.

I need a clean place, I mean if its not a clean place to pray, at least a proper place to ‘cleanse’. So sometimes a normal restroom do not have a proper low tap so it had always been difficult for me.

Anyway, back to the food. The stone crab was AWESOME!!! Amy and I got so intrigued by the sweetness of the crabs that we went into silence and focused on cutting the crabs apart! HAHA!

The salads are interesting, they had so many types of veggies, and we got to pour the dressings and stir them ourselves, just like chinese rojak!

I had half a plate of salad at first, and then I had a whole large plate for myself!

We ended the buffet with a small cone of yoghurt ice cream and a hot tea. PURRRFECT!

I didn’t take much pictures of the buffet line, sorry guys. Well , they would change the theme and food from time to time. So the food in my pictures may not be available the next time you dine in ya 🙂



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