Thanks to ramadan



Counting down to lesser than 100 days to the big day. 

People who have been married kept reminding me that I shouldn’t take things lightly and time travel fast when we’re busy preparing. I really understand what those words mean! 

Especially for us muslims, celebrating ramadan and hari raya, it will be so-called a ‘pause’ for all of us for wedding preps. Busy with terawih after break fast and raya visiting during syawal. 

Right now, I’m getting my ass back to work as it’s already 3rd week of syawal and I was not really that excited celebrating syawal this year. 

While attending to so many appointments and drafting out so many plans, my whole family were surprised by a shocking news my sister gave us last month! Well, I was getting ready for my pre-wedding shoot when sissy told us she had to get married by August! 

It was all due to her recent flat application and she had to present her marriage cert next month. As a sister, I wished nothing but the best for her. 

Well, me being me, will always be the excited one and would wanna everything to look perfect on her big day. I planned to do a bouquet for her , which have been my favorite thing! I could foresee things are gonna be pretty  hectic this coming week as there will be lots and lots of cleaning and scrubbing! 

(I’ve started to dispose so many junks in my room, which could make a lot of space for sissy’s wedding stuffs) Things are prepared in total last minutes, but we’re sure gonna have so much fun! 

As for my upcoming wedding, which will be in like lesser than 3 months, people who met us, (especially during this syawal where we’ll be seeing almost everyone!) would ask, “So how’s preparation? Semua dah siap?”. I honestly don’t know how do I answer them . 

I could go on and on about the things which I wish would be done by now. I could write the whole check-list for you, but I can’t. So the answer would pretty much be a default, “yes, Alhamdulilah”. Hehee!

Here’s the real answer to it: 

♥ Wedding ring √

♥ Items for hantaran (gift trays)√

♥ Book of wedding venue√

♥Bridal and selection of outfit√

♥Wedding Bouquet√

♥Wedding photo for display on event√

♥Book of DJ, cantering and decoration√

♥Money Box √

♥Pre-wedding photoshoot√

♥Honeymoon flight√

♥Book of henna artist √

♥Wedding Cake √

♥Book of cameraman √

♥ Arrangement of transportation for family members √

♥ Bunga rampai √

Everything looks kinda smooth but there seems to be a lot more which have yet to be done!

♦ Guest Book

♦ Berkat (not yet confirm on where to buy)

♦ Last touch up of invitation card before send it out for mock-up

♦ Planning on honeymoon itinerary

♦ Decorations and props to put on the gift trays

♦ Guest list

♦ Direction signs

♦ Sirih junjung

♦ Bunga pahar

♦ Bedsheet for bridal room (which I will sew it myself) 🙂

♦ Curtain for bridal room (DIY sewing as well) 🙂

I know there are lot more things to list down , which I can’t really remember for now. But I am glad that when I looked back, there were tons of things which I’ve accomplished.

Planning for a wedding is sure as tiring as hell, but it’s fun especially you’re sweating it all out for YOUR wedding! Besides, it’s a once in a lifetime experience, I wouldn’t give it up for the world!

I can’t wait for all these to be over so I can finally relax with my other half for 2 whole weeks with no disturbance from work or anything!





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