Ana’s egg tarts 

I miss how I’ve been writing food reviews before this and as you all know I have been Super shagged by the time I reach home , preparing all my DIY stuffs for the wedding, and this goes without saying, me and Amy have not been going out for a while now !!! 

The ‘pantang’ starts already. Counting down to 28 days

Well anyway, I went over to Buangkok earlier today. For the first time ever, parents decided to spend the Raya eve there . Everyone in the family would always Father but this year maybe dad is not working and he has plenty of free time to spend with us, including his siblings. 

Mom ordered egg tarts from one of the talented Cousins of mine. This young lady have been letting others taste her passion for free! She have been baking cakes, tradiosol kueh, and also some meringue for raya! 

This tasted so good I had to give my one of the best reviews as promised! 

Her egg tarts wasn’t so sweet, but it was really tasty! It’s not soft but tender in the mouth.

Selling it at $1.20/pc and $1 for order over 20pcs. Do leave me a message for details 🙂 


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