Dinner at Royz Et Vous

As usual Amy’s family would have this whole family dinner consisting 8 of us for every special occasions

It was extra special during my first time dining at Royz Et Vous located at Telok Ayer because it was for the celebration of August babies. 

Out of 8 people , 4 couples , every one of each couples ARE AUGUST BABIES! 

Sorry to the others who would have to fork out extra cash for this special month for buying presents for each of us lol 

It was a pleasant evening and every dinner , Ruhaizah would be most cheerful ones and she would be the one who would always always excited and would call up the restaurants for reservation (as 8 pax would usually take up quite lots of space and we would need a larger table) ! 

Amy and I came a little later than the others due to Amy’s work and we had to dropby somewhere else for magrib prayers. Alhamdulilah we managed to catch up with the Jemaah and reached the restaurant at around 8pm. 

By the time we reached , his Brother were halfway eating the ‘Beef Short Ribs’

I’m telling you by the look of it, my saliva were already dropping and of course me and Amy ordered that! 




It !! 

The meat was soft , tender and juicy! 

The restaurant would only prepare limited servings in a day, if you wanna make sure you get it, call up and reserve! I doubt there would be any left if you were to walk-in and order during weekends! Those babies are sellable ! 

Can you see how big those giant beef were! 

His brothers had the beefs with red wine, yesss it was a bedek wine lah but it tastes exactly likes the real one! Haha. It was like a ‘must’ to drink red wine when had those beefs like that!

Anyway, we ended the night with a beautiful surprise , all of us exchanged gifts , it felt like Christmas definitely! And of course Ruhaizah being Ruhaizah, she made the staffs surprised us with 4 different cakes and we shared it all hehe! 


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