This week went well , and God time is going to fast! Can it slow down just a little bit??

On Wednesday Amy and I made our way to ROMM for our marriage confirmation. 

I’m not sure why but that day seems crowded , not because of the people are registering, but because everyone was getting married! Chinese couples , Malays and Indian ! 

I really thought that we went on a wrong day! It made me nervous seeing people getting married and standing/sitting taking pictures, all eyes on you! I have never liked being the centre of attention! 

It was a smooth process , only when the part me and Amy arrived first but Mom and dad refused to take a cab there, they had to walk up all the way from the bustop to the location! It breaks my heart to see Mom frowning and the look at her face really tells that her knees are aching. 

We had to get our queue number , then proceeded to the counter when our number appeared on the screen, we presented both our IC and the wali’s IC. 

Note : we do not need to bring along the saksi’s IC. Just the bride , groom and wali’s IC were needed. 

After that, we had to wait for the same queue number to appear again to direct us to which room to enter. 

First, the wali had to go in the room alone for the one-to-one session. After a short while , dad was done and it was my turn and Amy’s to enter. 

The Ustaz had the straight look, maybe it was strictly only religious questions and it was not meant to be a friendly session where you share love stories about how your wedding gonna be. Maybe. 

The questions asked were, 

  • Is this a willing marriage which you are not forced by any party? 
  • Do you attend any religious class before this? What was your highest qualification? 

That’s all. He then asked us to put our hand up and repeat after him, saying that the statement which we declared were the truth yada yada yada. 

I think other Ustaz would have different questions , as some stories I heard from other couples were some Ustaz would be Super strict that they would ask Super embarrassing questions for us to answer. They would also look at how we dress whether it was proper or not. 

So brides to be , be prepared. It was not an obligation to put on a hijab . But atleast put on something appropriate and presentable 🙂


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