I hereby admit to myself that I am Super Super tired being in my own body lol 

Weekends doesn’t really feels like weekends. I didn’t even realised that my eyes were closed while I was typing out on my computer desk! 

Just too many things to prepare for the wedding , besides the normal house chores. I have this habit where I would rearrange stuffs at home when I find it messy, and then sit and look at it again, and still find it messy, I ended up rearranging them again. I guess there’s where most of my energy went to. 

Well, I haven’t had any coffee today. I’ve been trying my very best not to get in touch with any caffein as I have read and understood it’s not really good for my body system. It gives me bad migraine and dark circles round my eyes. 

Being a bride to be gives me the additional effort to be cautious about my skin condition. Having sensitive skin and not been taking good care of it for years, made me being extra hardworking now. Putting on clean towels every night on my pillow so I won’t have all those argan oil spread on the pillow case and reusing it again the next night. Also , I bought new mini sejadah to layer on top of the usual ones everyone been using at work. I think it’s for the best for my sensitive skin. 

Well, right now I’m waiting for Amy to fetch me from work. We are off to get some last minute gifts for the dulang hantaran and after that we gotta meet up with our cameraman to go through the itinerary with him. I prepared the same to my Mak andam as well so we could always exchange opinions and those experience vendors will always always have something to share, I like it! 

Counting down to 25 days to #hilmiraifinally 



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