August (Throwback)

***Saw this in draft and realized I didn’t post this -_-***
I finally understood the real situation people have been describing, when they mentioned how tiring it could be if one in the family is getting married.
Gosh yeah it was , indeed! Especially being a person who would want everything to be DIY (if possible), I was halfway dead throughout the whole event, I was able to feel that I could nearly breakdown in the middle of everyone! Wanted to prepare the room for her, the cooking of additional food, the wedding bouquet.
The cleaning, the scrubbing, the clearing of so many years worth of unwanted stuffs in the room. I did not even get to celebrate my birthday. I was busy cleaning and arranging stuffs, at the same time, preparing my invitations to be disseminate to my family members during sissy’s wedding, as that will be the only time everyone would gather before my big day, the best opportunity.
Amy had been sucha great help the day before the big day. I picked him up after work, and we rushed to yio chu kang to self collect the raw flowers, and then we rushed to choa chua kang to self collect the henna, which at the end was of no use because everyone was too busy to be vain and totally forgot about doodling. haha

I could say it was a memorable night, for the first time I saw my everyone there helping out and being happy about it, chatting and laughing away. Seeing Mama Baba being the host, even though I could see how shagged Baba was (as he was working that day), he still put on smile on his face and being so warm.

Amy was unwell, but he was there anyway, he helped out as much as he could, Syukur I am so grateful to have him around and seeing him that way made me feel that he is already part of the family, which he is 🙂
My 2 favorite nieces stayed overnight, and I got to sleep with them for the first time ever in my own room 🙂 They were behaving so well, it was never difficult taking care of them.  I slept at 2+am that after done massaging Mama’s feet.
Woke up the next day at 6am, prayed and off to wet market to collect the chicken meat we ordered, and I can tell you I was furious being there having to squeeze between all the sweaty senior human beings! Haha I wonder how Mama managed it, being there almost every morning!
Sissy’s wedding went well Alhamdulilah. She is now officially someone’s wife and I wished her nothing but the best!!!






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