The Wedding

Hey everyone! Finally after 3 weeks of waiting, we finally received our edited wedding photos together with our huge albums with CD and a 2017 calendar as our wedding gift specially from the cameraman 🙂

It was a lot of hard work invested but it was all paid off! I was satisfied with the results and especially proud of myself how my work looked really beautiful in the photos.

Photos above were all the gift trays which I started off from scratch!

I got the trays custom made by daddy’s dear friend. Got the base grass from Kota Tinggi. Anything else were from Spotlight. 


Some stuffs were from Art Friend 🙂 Seriously only God knows how many days straight after work I spent hours in the store all alone looking for stuffs! I scroll around every isle with the trolley and I bet staffs there recognised my face! LOL!

As for my solemnization outfit, Amy and I bought our own and I bought Swarovski crystals to add the shiny effect for my outfit.


And here it is ,my 3 beautiful girls, who have been with me through thick and thin. Never ever mind entertaining and listening to my paranoid self, being panic and chatty especially when I’m complaining about vendors. They would be there to listen first and give me solutions later on. BTB out there, be sure to calm your tits whenever things go wrong, cuz things will go wrong in a way or another. Be sure to have the right companions who would understand you and wouldn’t mind listening and giving honest thoughts, that’s rule number 1 of choosing the right bridesmaids.


So lucky to have dear cousins who would team up and bought the same outfit for the wedding! Another bonus point for having wonderful cousins!


Well, there you are, my handsome Groom! All ready to confess akad in front of everyone, and to prove our love to the world!


Practicing now….. before my arrival…

So. here comes the brides. All eyes on me yawww…

This is the time when me and Amy secretly peep on other by the corner of our eyes, heh!


Alhamdulilah.. hanya dengan sekali lafaz…

PS: My dad was the most nervous one I think, he had to repeat it for three times haha


Enjoy the rest of pictures ya 🙂











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