What pregnant women needs


Being pregnant is a fun journey and can never assured that it’s gonna be an easy one.

Everyone around you will start sharing their personal views and experiences. They will tell you how easy of a journey it was for them, or how sick they could get for many months. Some would say they got shabby when they were having girls and appear to be a pretty pregnant mummy when they’re having a boy.

But listen, every stories you listened to are gonna be different. Totally different. When I started, I got hooked to the tasteful Frisomum and I would drink it twice a day. But after a month, I hated it and even the thought of drinking them made me puke! But as months went by, Amy understood the importance of drinking milk as the main source of folic acid which I really need. With addition of New Obimin prescribe by the gynae. It is a must to take it every morning, during my 3rd months onwards. I had to consume just ordinary Folic Acid tab during my first 3 months.

My love for spices grew stronger. I wouldn’t want anything blunt, and would go for anything which are spicy. I had fish soup(thick beehoon with milk) every single day with loads of cili padi by the side. I wouldn’t mind eating it every single day, even all alone. I used to feel eating alone will make me feel like a weirdo but not anymore. Pregnant had taught me to be thick-skin in public :p

Whatever it is, we must always take care of the food we eat, to make sure it contain the nutrition our baby needs.

Aside to all these positive vibes which may distract me from over thinking, there will always be people around who would make me feel bad about myself as a mother-to-be.

As many expecting mothers out there, we do have our selfish self a lil bit inside, we would tend to be out of control sometimes. Over eating, or craving for unhealthy food.

Don’t panic and remember it’s never too late. But of course, there are food which are strictly has to be out of your diet! That, you have to be discipline to yourself.

Spend few minutes a day to read some info and tips about pregnancy, it helps!

Stay healthy and safe. You’ll tend to be imbalance more now as you’ll feel rounder now 🙂 But it’s okay. Avoid wearing heels and walk more during daylight, lesser risk to topple.

Take care expecting mothers out there 🙂


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